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16 February 2015 @ 02:59 pm
This is a STAFF-ONLY community for mujintou scans, created to bring you Psychic Detective Yakumo (2009) in English. This community is like the kitchen of a restaurant, where we do our work, and private in that way. So unless you're interested in a staff position (we're always hiring cleaners, translators, and typesetters!), I'm afraid we'll have to turn down any requests to join the community.

We thank all of our readers--that's you!--for your constant support. :D If you want to help out, you can apply for a staff position or donate money that goes only toward the magazine purchase--that is, directly supporting the manga artist!

Note: Please send an email to mujintou.scans at gmail if you want to apply for a staff position. Messaging a staff member on LJ or attempting to join this community without sending that email will get you rejected. :( The boss doesn't like to reject people, but please apply through email and follow any recruitment instructions!